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Financial Guidance & Planning. Tax Planning. Wealth Management. Insurance Expertise & more.
For Your Business...For Your Key People...For You

Take us with you [to your meeting with your CPA or Attorney]! We'll make it easier to understand your business finances and tax implications. We'll help marry business and personal decisions to help drive your personal goals and desired outcomes. Hiring a personal financial planner and advisor that also understands the cash flow, tax particulars and financials of your business or organization can provide substantial financial benefits.


Benefits may include: improved cash flow, tax strategy and overall tax reduction, private lending options, wealth management, trust & estate planning services, long-term care expertise, and more.


Business Owner + 2 Key Executives: $7,500 (typically a tax deductible business expense)

Personal Financial Plan: $2,500 comprehensive plan, $1,500 core plan

Annual Plan Updates: $1,000-$2,500 depending upon complexity




In addition to creating a financial plan, many clients delegate investment management to us as well.  For investment management accounts, our fee begins at 1.35% of assets under management per year. This fee is broken down into quarterly increments and billed directly to the investment account. Generally, the percentage charged for investment management goes down as the amount of assets you have us manage increases.

Helping you gain the confidence that comes from having clarity by putting the pieces of your financial puzzle together.

Financial Planning Process

Organize and

gather financials


Monitor and track

plan progress

Assist client with implementing plan recommendations




Building Plan


Financial Planning Process

Conduct an initial discovery meeting to review current financial status and goals

Create financial plan and customized recommendations


Finalize and deliver

plan to client


Collaborate with

client to review

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