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Long-Term Care for Parents & Spouses

“I’m overwhelmed. I’m exhausted. And I’m scared and concerned about having to make so many decisions that I’ve really never made before.”

Does this describe what it’s been like caring for a loved one or aging parent?

It can be a tsunami and often times blindside you when you don’t see it coming.


At Henderson Financial Group,

we have both personal experience and over 15 years of business experience in helping families manage the financial, legal and medical decisions that need to be made when caring for an aging parent or loved one. We understand the inner-workings of revocable and irrevocable trusts, gifting of assets, government programs, co-pays, private pay, personal insurance policies, in home care, care facilities, long-term care insurance, taxes and the fear of eroding retirement savings, all too well.

Mom and Daughter

Henderson Financial Group

can do the heavy lifting and take the burden off of you financially and help organize those pieces of the puzzle so that you have one less thing to worry about. We can also coordinate a team of legal and tax counsel so that the decisions you make are in harmony with each other.  We are your fiduciary, which means we are required to act solely in your best interest as we help you.

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