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Retirement Savers & Wealth Accumulators

Saving for retirement and other financial goals is a complex endeavor. Knowing how much to save, which accounts to use, and making sure you stick to your plan are all keys to success.

Equally as important is knowing how to distribute or "spend" down the investments properly once you retire. Even some investment advisors are not familiar with proper distribution strategy, as they've only worked with their clients on accumulation planning. However, as Retirement Income Certified Professionals®, retirement income distribution planning is our specialty.

If you're already living in retirement and enjoying your freedom, anxiety oftentimes comes when we start spending more than anticipated in the early years, and we start to wonder if our money will really last throughout our lifetime. 

Let our team help you accumulate, distribute, and preserve the wealth you've worked so hard to build.

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“I’ve enjoyed my working years and had a wonderful career or ministry experience. How do I protect what I’ve saved but also spend and enjoy some?”


At Henderson Financial Group,

we can give you permission to spend. We’ll help you unveil your “spending capacity”. We'll even set funds aside ahead of time so that they're available regardless of current market conditions.


Let us help you spend and live confidently!

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