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CEOs, Executives & Business Leaders

Everyone knows and is calling your name: your staff, your community, those you serve, and even your family. You have an enormous level of responsibility, and very few people understand just how daunting, and lonely, it all is. 

Large budgets, large expenses, big decisions, big implications.

However, you're also concerned about those who depend on you. "Will my people be ok? Are they saving enough for their future?  Will me and my family be ok? Are we doing enough for our future? What if there's an unexpected loss? How will I monetize my business equity to best set up my family's financial future?"

We can help answer these questions, and more.

Business Meeting
Conversation Between Colleagues

“My career is soaring, and I’m making more than I ever imagined at this stage in life. How do I make sure I’m doing the right things with my money? I don’t want to look back 10-20 years from now with nothing to show for it.”

As disciplined as we’d like to be, we always feel we could be doing more to provide for our future.


Let's start a conversation and see if we can help put the pieces together for you so that they start making confident sense.

At Henderson Financial Group,

we'll provide you with a complete picture of yourself and/or your business or organization. We may need to work as part of a team alongside your CPA, bookkeeper, or accountant, as well as your insurance agent and maybe even your attorney. 

No two financial plans are exactly the same. Do you have a personal financial plan showing how your income, savings levels and benefits from your company, church, organization or employer help you personally? Do your key leaders have access to a financial consultant who can help make both business and personal financial decisions? 


Let us help you gain clarity about where you're headed and your organization. It's amazing when you start to see things more clearly than you ever have before!

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