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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be “An Independent Advisor”?

  • Let’s start with what it does NOT mean – being independent does NOT mean that we are unsupervised. It does NOT mean that we can freely do whatever we’d like with your resources. LPL Financial provides the supervision that was provided to us by our prior firm. We are still monitored, supervised, and supported by a large investment firm, LPL Financial.

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  • Being independent means there are no proprietary insurance or investment products or contracts that we are required to sell. Our loyalty is solely to you. Your financial well-being is our primary responsibility, not the sales goals of any one company.

  • We are free to provide objective advice. We can advise that you purchase a product from any company that makes the most financial sense for your situation.

  • Being independent means that our relationship equity, accounts, client records and notes, and any and everything we use on a daily basis to serve you is now connected to and owned by, our company: Henderson Financial Group, LLC. Much to our surprise, under our prior contract, NONE of this information was owned by us, and had to be left at our prior firm. This new arrangement now provides continuity and security for our clients, employees and business relationships.

Who is “LPL Financial”?

  • LPL Financial is the largest investment broker dealer in the nation, and the 3rd largest Registered Investment Advisor (based upon total revenues from Financial Planning Magazine).

  • LPL serves as our primary custodian - a custodian is the company that physically holds possession, or custody, of your investments. 

  • Comparatively, LPL Financial has a network of about 17,000 Advisors. Our previous firm's network is about 6,500 Advisors.

  • LPL Financial provides all of our investment trading tools and custodial platform, daily investment research (one of several sources of research), supervision and oversight - everything we received from our prior firm, plus more.

Where is your office?

Our new suite is in our same building in Virginia Beach – One Columbus Center, Suite 540. Call or come by for an appointment today!

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