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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why have you made the move to go independent?
    Our clients deserve it. Our clients are unique in that you trust us with your financial livelihood and expect us to always do what’s in your best interest. Because of this uniqueness, my team and I needed the freedom to be as objective, without any proprietary products or allegiance any one company. Having our own independent firm will let us do that for you. And being backed by the largest independent investment firm in the country, LPL Financial, gives us the size and scale to deliver an even better client experience.
  • How do I benefit from this?
    There are no longer any proprietary insurance or investment products that we are expected to offer. Many clients may not be aware of the insurance sales culture we faced every day. We felt that culture did not align with our clients' needs, and needed to break free of that expectation. Building an investment and wealth management practice with a firm specializing in wealth management (LPL Financial). The insurance company culture and technology often left our investors feeling frustrated due to capability limitations, or archaic systems and processes that did not prioritize our investors' needs. We did our best to make doing business with us as easy as possible. Now, it will be even easier and smoother, once we're up and running. Increased client support because our technology aligns with our needs. This means less delay and faster turnaround times for you. Account opening, paperwork and processes are much easier to work with and more streamlined. Again, this means more efficiencies for you.
  • What stays the same, and what's changing?"
    We won't be changing a lot, but things will get better. Our name is the same. Our breadth of financial knowledge remains just as strong, and we're continuing to add to that knowledge through continuing education and designations. We are staying in same location, but building out our own space on the 5th floor - we look forward to welcoming you into our new space this spring. Your statements and documents will now come with our new branding and logo! Less steps to get things done. Before, to get cash or create checks, we had to call our home office, who called our clearing firm (Pershing), who had to call us back, etc. Now, we make 1 call. That's it. Who we deliver our advice through is changing - we will be backed by the largest independent investment firm, LPL, who's only business is in assisting independent advisors. We will have access to a much greater network of insurance and investment company prodcuts. We will have greater control over the fees we charge. Your NM policies will remain in force, but we will service them differently going forward. They will still be very much be integrated into your current financial plan.
  • What do I need to do?
    Our team will be reaching out to you to help walk you through the next steps. E-Signatures or Wet Signatures will be required to move your accounts with us.
  • How do I contact you?
    Ray, Stephanie, Tristan, and Annette are standing by to answer any questions you might have as we work through this process with you. Our phone numbers remain the same: Ray Henderson: 757-314-4638 Stephanie Sage: 757-314-4628 Tristan Adams: 757-314-4618 Annette Self: 757-314-4608
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