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At Henderson Financial Group,

You're the expert in your field of law. You're also a business owner, a leader of staff, and a community leader. You have invested years of dedication to mastering your craft, and no one can do it as well as you do.

It's likely that you've also managed your own financial picture for much of your life. However, as wealth, estate planning, taxes, and life goals have added up, is it time to consider delegating to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and Wealth Management Certified Professional® to apply the same level of expertise and dedication to your wealth accumulation planning and financial future?

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Henderson Financial Group

can do the heavy lifting and take the burden off of you financially and help organize those pieces of the puzzle so that you have one less thing to worry about. We can also coordinate a complimentary team of tax, insurance and other advisrs so that the decisions you make are in harmony with each other.  We are your fiduciary, which means we are required to act solely in your best interest as we help you.

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