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Ray Henderson


Advisor | Founding Partner, CEO


About Ray

Ray's career in finance began in 1995 working at a bank in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Ray went on to attend the University of Virginia (UVA), majoring in Economics (Bachelor's) and Education (Master's). For the last 25 years, finance has been Ray's sole focus and passion. He enjoys making financial concepts understandable, and giving clients the "confidence that comes from having clarity" about their finances.

Personally, Ray's family is extremely important to him. Ray and his wife Crystal met at UVA and they have four sons: Isaac, Jaden, Christopher, and Benjamin. The family truly enjoys the time they have to spend together, and Crystal and Ray enjoy knowing they have four amazing young boys that are growing into mature young Christian men.

The family attends Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk, VA and enjoy residing in Chesapeake, VA, not far from area boating, beaches and water.

Hampton Roads is home for Ray's wife, Crystal. Ray is from Richmond, VA, where he began his financial planning practice before moving to the Tidewater area. Ray enjoys returning home to Richmond as often as possible, and the family makes sure to come as well.

The Hendersons homeschooled for 10 years, and are now a part of the Norfolk Christian Schools family. Their eldest son attend the University of Virginia, just like Mom, Dad and Grandma! They believe that the small amount of time they're given with their children is tremendously precious, and are adamant about discipling their children and shaping their worldview according to biblical values.   Nehemiah 4:14

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