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Your Financial Confidence is Our Only Objective.

Henderson Financial Group

Expert Financial Guidance

The financial benefits are measurable & the confidence you receive is invaluable


CEOs, Executives &
Business Leaders 


Medical & Dental Practices, Surgeons, Doctors & Partners

Coffee with Friends

Women  Experiencing
Major Life Changes

Modern House

Real Estate

Smiling Lawyer in Lobby

Law Firms, Founding Attorneys & Partners

For Your Business

For Your Key Executives

For Your Employees

For You

For Your Practice

For Your Partners

For Your Employees

For You

Owning a Business

Job Changes

Divorce or Loss of a Loved One

Through It All

For Investment Properties

For Your Business

For Your Partners

For You

For Your Attorneys

For Your Law Firm

For Your Clients

For You


-Ray Henderson CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, RICP®

The CEO's Advisor

As your business success has taken off, you've wondered you may need someone to aid in helping you  make wise financial decisions. You know your business. You know your financials. But, should you be doing them both, somewhat alone? Would an expert opinion provide you the added peace of mind of knowing you're moving in the right direction?


Advising CEOs and business owners has become a passion of mine. As a CEO and business owner, I can relate to what you're going through. All the pressure, all the sacrifice, all the upside, all the risks. When hiring me as your CEO advisor, you will gain: Clarity, Confidence, Collaboration, and Consistency. You will have a partner that strives to see through your lenses, and provides objective advice that is based an established mutual trust. Let's start the conversation today.

Advisory Team Coordination

Cash Flow Analysis

Tax Planning

Private Lending Solutions

Retirement & Exit Planning

Outdoor Work Meeting

Women On
the Move

Maybe you opened a business. Maybe you are dealing with the passing of your spouse. Or maybe you want to speak another woman that understands your life enough to help you make your financial decisions. Whatever your "new" is, I know that I am passionate about financial solutions for women on the move. Ready to schedule a free consultation?

Stephanie Sage.jpg

-Stephanie Sage WMICP®, RICP®

Executive Women

Recently Divorced

Recently Widowed

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