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Preparing Jams

Helping you design a financial life that you'll love.

Expert Financial Guidance

The benefits are measurable & the confidence you receive is invaluable

We help make complex financials easy to understand


-Ray Henderson CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, RICP®

Advisor...and friend.

We love helping and serving you!

Our relationships are built upon a foundation of trust and mutual respect over many years. In addition to serving as your advisor, we also typically become very good friends.


Finances and money are scary for many people but not for us. We enjoy it, and we enjoy making it plain, putting things into terms you understand. 


If you have a complex financial situation and would like to know if an ongoing advisory relationship could benefit you and your family, please give us a call.


We'd love to be here for you! 

Wealth Management Certified® Professionals

Trusts, Estates, IRAs, Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans and Education Accounts

Tax Planning, Insurance and Annuities

Private Lending and
Alternative Investments

Social Security, Government and Healthcare Pension Plans

Serving successful people from a variety of backgrounds


CEOs, Executives &
Business Leaders 


Medical & Dental Practices, Surgeons, Doctors & Partners

Coffee with Friends

Women  Experiencing
Major Life Changes

Modern House

Real Estate

Smiling Lawyer in Lobby

Law Firms, Founding Attorneys & Partners

For Your Business

For Your Key Executives

For Your Employees

For You

For Your Practice

For Your Partners

For Your Employees

For You

Owning a Business

Job Changes

Divorce or Loss of a Loved One

Through It All

For Investment Properties

For Your Business

For Your Partners

For You

For Your Attorneys

For Your Law Firm

For Your Clients

For You

Outdoor Work Meeting

Women On
the Move

Maybe you opened a business. Maybe you are dealing with the passing of your spouse. Or maybe you want to speak another woman that understands your life enough to help you make your financial decisions. Whatever your "new" is, I know that I am passionate about financial solutions for women on the move. Ready to schedule a free consultation?

Stephanie Sage.jpg

-Stephanie Sage WMICP®, RICP®

Executive Women

Recently Divorced

Recently Widowed

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