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With over 65 years of combined financial wisdom and designations that rank us among the top financial planners in the world, you can count on us when it matters most.

Financial Planning & Wealth Management 

Let us help you care for your financial future with one of our financial planning and wealth management services. We would first like to understand your goals and timeframe for their accomplishment. We'll develop a plan that is right for you and your needs. We're here to help you with our knowledge, integrity, and skills. 

Christian Business Leaders, Physicians & Influencers

Long-Term Care 
Parents & Spouses

Retirement Savers
Wealth Accumulators


"Everyone knows and is calling your name: your staff, your community, those you serve, and even your family. You have an enormous level of responsibility, and very few people understand just how daunting, and lonely, it all is."

"Saving for retirement and other financial goals is a complex endeavor. Knowing how much to save, which accounts to use, and making sure you stick to your plan are all keys to success."

"Losing my husband was the most devastating event of my life. I never expected to be in this position, and quite frankly, was angry when it happened. I didn't know what to do or where to begin..."

“I’m overwhelmed. I’m exhausted. And I’m scared and concerned about having to make so many decisions that I’ve really never made before.”

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Building WEALTH That Works For You

The team at Henderson Financial Group is proud to serve as your fiduciary. We do not take it lightly that being your fiduciary means you have placed your confidence and trust with our team.

Working from Home
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