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Medical & Dental Practices, Surgeons, Doctors & Partners

Your specialty has taken decades of study and your practice has required a work ethic beyond most people's imagination. On call, emergencies, insurance companies, mergers and huge decisions are your day-to-day norm. You are impacting the lives of people in tremendous ways, but your life is equally busy, financially successful, and constantly demanding.

Do you have time to manage your wealth yourself? Your income producing ability, plus how you save and invest, drive the future results you're working  hardfor. But, you could also look up 10 years from now, and may not have made any meaning financial adjustments, nor truly know what your plan is for a future exit strategy. 

Equally as important is knowing how to manage today's financial needs - taxes, determining when to distribute practice profits, and making sure you're making the proper investments in the latest technology and the best talent to grow your practice.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional and Retirement Income Certified Professionals®, practice financial management, tax planning, wealth accumulation and retirement income distribution planning are our specialty.

Let our team help guide your financial team. We'll gladly attend your CPA meetings, business meetings, and put the jargon into plain speak. You will be able to accumulate, distribute, and preserve the wealth you've worked so hard to build with confidence.


"I love practicing medicine, and am thankful to be a Partner in a thriving practice. Finances have always interested me, but the more wealth I accumulate, the more I realize that I need an expert with a singular focus on helping me & my practice succeed financially. 


At Henderson Financial Group,

we can do the heavy financial lifting. We can interpret what your accountant is saying and put into perspective. In short, we can be your financial expert as a part of your Advisory team, allowing you to practice medicine or dentistry while we focus on your financial well being. We can even help you unveil your “spending capacity”. You've worked too hard for everything you earn to be earmarked for the future. Let's enjoy while we prepare. Let us help you spend, save and live confidently!

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