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Real Estate Investors

Everyday, you deal with large transactions. Hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per project.

Private financing. Non-traditional lending. Holding companies, rental leases. Multi-unit projects. Time lag.  It's a lot.

Who's helping you evaluate the big picture?


Do you have personal cash and cash flow options like you have for your business?

Is your Advisor also a real estate investor with the ability to see your decisions through your lens?

Modern Housing Complex

Personal and Business Solutions:

Private Lending - Securities backed lines of credit with LTV of up to 100% of deposited cash.


Tax Analysis - Easily understand the tax and financial benefits of growing your enterprise.


Investment Analysis - Modeling current strategy vs. alternative investment options provides you the clarity you need to make confident decisions.


At Henderson Financial Group,

we can model your decisions before you make them, or help you see more clearly how your actions are impacting your current and future balance sheet. We'll also meet with you and your CPA to translate the jargo in to plain speak and actionable items. Financial planning and modeling can be a powerful decision making process that assists you and your Advisory team with helping you realize the success you've alredy earned, in the most tax efficient way possible, while maintaining a need for liquidity and access to capital. 

Let us help you. We'd love to take the heavy lifting so you can focus on your next oportunity.

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